Are Labor Unions Dead?

I came upon an article today about the Employee Free Choice Act in the Guardian and, as I was reading it, I couldn’t help but think that the traditional definition of a labor union may be obsolete in this country. The article was raising the possibility that the EFCA could usher in a new golden [...]

Maryland Should Ban Crabbing and Support Watermen, Crab Industry Workers

I’ll readily admit that I don’t know every detail of the “negotiations” happening between Maryland government and the commercial watermen who depend on the Chesapeake Bay for their livelihood. But having lived in Maryland for over 30 years and witnessed firsthand the continued decline of the Bay and its once-abundant wildlife, you don’t have to [...]

Can They Make Chryslers in India?

Yes, they can. But, alas, shipping them back to the U.S. could be prohibitively expensive. An AP story highlights a UAW strike against Chrysler LLC that is expected to end shortly, though a few items must still be agreed upon: The bargaining appeared to hinge on the UAW granting the same health care cost concessions [...]

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