Climate Action Employment

While there has been an ongoing surge in the availability of green jobs even as the economy in general fails to produce adequate employment opportunities for the population as a whole, it is climate action jobs that seem to be receiving the most notice among those who wish to pursue environmental employment opportunities.

Climate action jobs tend to be with organizations and agencies that take a “top down” approach to improving the environment, so rather than focusing on important, localized issues like recycling drives, home improvements that lead to less energy consumption, etc., climate action positions will typically revolve around trying to change policies and legislation related to environmental issues.

Most notable among the issues that climate action professionals are attempting to address is global warming and the factors assumed to be contributors to the earth’s recognizable warming trend, including greenhouse gas emissions, automotive and other transportation emissions control, sustainable energy development, etc.

For those with experience in the field – and this can range from engineering expertise to a specialty in legislation and the law – there are still a wide array of employment opportunities, many of them with government agencies and non-profit organizations dedicated to climate action initiatives.

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