Hospital Recruiting Options

Being located in Maryland, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Baltimore, and Locate Jobs Network are in close proximity to some of the most prestigious medical and healthcare institutions in the country. With Johns Hopkins Hospital (and various satellite medical centers and specialty branches) and the University of Maryland Medical Center located in Baltimore, the area is truly home to some of the best medical care available.

Accordingly, there are a number of job boards in the Locate Jobs Network health care job boards and nursing job boards channels. With each new job board that is launched within the network, every attempt is made at offering employers and recruiters the most highly-targeted job posting opportunities possible. With sites like Nurse Recruiter Jobs and Clinical Nurse Jobs, and a number of others with a  similarly-targeted niche, the goal is produce quality over quantity.

Ultimately, the number of potential applicants who see a given job listing posted to the Locate Jobs Network may be fewer than with larger job boards that do not specialize in a single industry. But the number of quality candidates – candidates who are actually qualified to fill that open positions – will be much larger in terms of percentages. This is, as always, the goal of Locate Jobs Network.

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