Tired of the Job Search? Take a Vacation

Searching for a new and better job can be exhausting. Trudging through the daily routine of an established career and mundane personal life can be even more debilitating. And sometimes, the only surefire way to re-charge and get that fresh outlook you so desperately need is to get away from it all and take a vacation. Not just a long weekend at the beach, either. I’m talking about a real “get out and see the world” type of vacation. The kind you’ll annoy people with for years whenever any exotic or interesting locale happens to come up in conversation.

Get Rich Slowly has some great advice in How to Save for the Trip of a Lifetime that might be of some value to those that are ready to live an adventure. Note that much of this advice is for people that are really ready to take an extended vacation, but some of the fundamentals apply to any type of serious trip.

1. Reconsider your living situation. Can you find a cheaper living arrangement? Remind yourself that it’s only temporary, that you’re saving for a goal. Byttebeir moved in with her boyfriend’s parents for several months, which allowed her to save hundreds of dollars for her trip.

2. Practice non-attachment. Get rid of all your stuff. “What good will it all do to you while it’s sitting back home and you’re rafting down the Great Usutu River? … Once you start getting rid of stuff and you see the money pour in, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to part with your prized possessions.”

3. Abstain from expensive evenings. Don’t go out to movies, don’t go out to eat, and don’t go out to drink. Save your money. “That money could fund your traveling through Central Asia for an entire month.”

4. Find a transient weekend job. A couple months prior to your trip, take a temporary extra job waiting tables, bartending, whatever. “The additional savings will help you acquire the last minute must-haves for your trip.”

5. Embrace foreign cultures. Keep from spending your money by converting it to the destination currency in advance. This can keep you from spending your savings. But: “Remember that if you exchange your money’s currency more than once, you’re probably losing money.”

The above list and advice is courtesy of Lucia Byttebier from her post at Brave New Traveler.


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