Set Aside a Job Search Day

I am stealing this idea directly from J.D. at Get Rich Slowly, specifically from his ‘Money Day’ post about setting aside a day to get all of your finances in order. I didn’t read the full chapter from the book, but I am guessing that the single day approach is not intended to solve your financial problems, but to establish a strong foundation that you can build upon as you deal with the ongoing responsibility of managing your finances.

I think that same approach can be applied to a job search. A job search is an ongoing task that involves vigilant research and continued follow-up, but by setting aside one full day to lay the foundation and outline a strategy, you can greatly increase your efficiency and chances for success.

We tend to search for jobs sporadically, when motivated by a bad day at work or the lure of a large expense that our current salary can’t handle. But even if we’re comfortable with job searching in that way, beginning with a full day to establish a gameplan can only help in the long run.


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