A New Approach to Measuring the Success of Your Job Search

At various points in our lives and during various individual activities, we look for things to measure how much (or how little) we’ve accomplished toward a specific goal. Seth Godin has a great blog post entitled High Resolution Mistakes that really sheds some light on the all-too-common human practice of measuring the wrong things.

It is human nature to attempt to quantify our progress in any endeavor, whether it be personal or professional. From a job seeker’s perspective, some ill-advised metrics would be how many resumes you’ve sent out or how many hours you’ve spent scouring job boards. While these efforts are often necessary to find the right job, they are not accurate measures of your progress toward reaching that goal.

Instead of counting resumes submitted, consider how many legitimate contacts/relationships you’ve established through your networking efforts. These will serve you well regardless of whether they result in a new job and it is usually through an established relationship that a new opportunity will emerge.

Just some things to think about when you’re getting frustrated with your job search…


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